Wednesday, 20 January 2010

NOT botany

On this day two years ago my two and a half year-old granddaughter Maddie died suddenly from viral sepsis believed to result from a Flu infection. Her death created a great gap in our family life that can never be filled.

Her Mum and Dad have been wonderful and this year they are running in the London Marathon to raise money for the Child Bereavement Charity who helped them through their darkest days. They hope to raise £2500 each, no mean task, neither have a history of running and so they are working very hard to get ready for the big day.

This post is a blatant request for anyone who feels so inclined to support their effort by donating towards their target (Tom and Sam). It really is a good cause.

Before Maddie died I would have been mortified by posting this request (and I apologise to anyone who does think it inappropriate) but now anything goes!

Please help if you can.