Thursday, 2 July 2015

White Kidney Vetch

A couple of days ago Steve Gale wrote about the remarkable amount of Kidney Vetch on Banstead Downs, it is one of the best years for this seasonal plant for a long time.   However what was all yellow a couple of weeks ago is now pinky-brown, flowering over for the year.... except: whilst walking round the Downs yesterday I noticed a patch that didn't look quite right, it was white-flowered  Kidney Vetch.    

I have seen Kidney Vetch in many shades of yellow and on sea cliffs you can find pink and red forms but I have never seen white before.  

Yesterday when I didn't have a camera the flowers were out but by this morning when I was able to get over there with a camera, they had already started to shrivel, hence the poor pictures, the second shows the comparison with the more normal yellow..  

In all I found two plants!!  But enough for me to get back to blogging... perhaps! 


  1. More blogging please John, I've missed your postings...

  2. I promise to try Steve! Thanks.

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